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Operating Rules for 2020

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Mansion House Club (MHC) offers a variety of services to its members including casual and team swimming, casual and team diving, casual and team tennis and a social agenda.  These rules were developed throughout the years to provide everyone the opportunity for quiet enjoyment of the facilities. Your family's cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Only member families in good standing are permitted to use the pool and tennis courts.

The pool is open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, weather permitting, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  


Operating Rules for 2020

Mansion House Club (MHC) offers a variety of services to its members including casual and team swimming, casual and team diving, casual and team tennis and a social agenda. These rules were developed throughout the years to provide everyone the opportunity for quiet enjoyment of the facilities. Your family's cooperation is greatly appreciated. Only member families in good standing are permitted to use the pool and tennis courts. NO GUESTS OR GUEST PASSES 2020




This is a Fairfax County code that must be enforced at all times!

For the safety of all members, especially our children, please do not bring glass or any material that can shatter into the clubhouse or pool area. Glass of any color is not visible when it is under several feet of water but will cause severe injury if stepped on. Do not bring glass into the pool area even for a social event when there is no swimming. Forego your favorite beverage or repack it in an unbreakable container.


A. The swimming facilities will be open on a full-time basis from Memorial Day until Labor Day.
General swimming Daily: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm except when the pool is closed for a swim meet or a MHC social event. Please see website home page for early closure or late opening dates/times. Diving well is closed during dive team practices and meets. 
B. Swim and Dive Team practices 
During afternoon Swim Team practices - The shallow end will remain open during afternoon swim practices. Afternoon swim practice begins May 28 and runs through June 15th from 4 to 7pm. Dive Team - The diving well is closed for dive team practice and home dive meets as follows: Monday through Friday for Dive Team practice from 4 - 6 pm from May 28th to Jul23rd. Tuesday for home Dive meets from 5:00 - 9:00pm on June 28th and July 12th.
C. The Club Manager may close the facility in case of inclement or cold weather or if a hazardous condition exists.
D. Unauthorized persons entering the pool area shall be considered trespassers and subject to criminal and civil prosecution.

A. All members in good standing, having paid their annual dues, all assessments and all other fees, are authorized to use the pool facilities in accordance with the Club's rules and regulations.
B. Before any member will be admitted to the pool, the member must be in good standing and is required to use their membership share number to enter the pool. Members may also be asked to verify their name and address in the membership database.


A. Each shareholder/member is given six guest passes per season upon payment of dues and any outstanding fees.
B. Members in good standing may invite guests to use the pool and tennis facilities. The guest fee of $5.00 must be paid for each guest.
C. Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as members. A member assumes full responsibility for the conduct and/or damage occasioned by his or her guest(s).
D. There are two types of guests (this applies to all visitors who are 5 years of age and older):

1. House guests: Any person or family member who is temporarily visiting a Club member and residing at the Club member's house. These guests may be added to the member’s authorized users for no fee on a temporary basis. Members interested in adding temporary house guests to their membership should contact the Membership chairperson at membership@mansionhouseclub.com.
2. Casual Guest (a guest other than a house guest or is a resident of the Mount Vernon area):
 a. The accompanying member will register his or her casual guest with the front desk attendant at the time of entry. Applicable fees of $5 per guest may be paid at the front desk by guest pass, or cash. Change cannot be provided from the front desk attendant, so please bring the exact amount of fee.
b. Casual guests must be accompanied by a member who is age 13 or over. Casual guests may remain in the pool area only as long as the accompanying member remains.
d. There are no weekly or monthly rates for casual guests ($5/person/day).
F. Members wishing to have a private party at the pool can review the rules on the website.


A. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area or clubhouse at any time.
B. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises of MHC, Inc., they must be in non-glass containers, and never be brought onto the pool deck. Alcoholic beverages are permitted for social functions authorized by the Board of Directors and for which proper licensing has been obtained.
C. Drugs, except prescription and over-the-counter drugs, are not permitted on the premises of Mansion House Club at any time. Police will be called for any illegal items.
D. Parents are cautioned not to permit their children to become over-fatigued or chilled. The Club pool manager or lifeguards may direct any person to take a rest period if excessive fatigue or chill is observed. As a further safety precaution, children age 15 and under are required to leave the pool and take a 15-minute rest period once each hour, at 15 minutes to the hour, upon signal of the lifeguard.
E. No children under 10 years of age will be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by either an adult or by a sitter who is 13 years or older and who will be responsible for the conduct and safety of such child both in and out of the water. Children under 10 may remain in the pool area only as long as the accompanying adult or sitter remains.
F. Children age 6 and older are not permitted to use the wading pool.
G. Children not toilet trained MUST wear a swim diapers and/or cloth diaper with protective pants at all times. REGULAR DISPOSABLE DIAPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL!
H. Children in the wading pool are the sole responsibility of parents and sitters. The parent or sitter must remain in the baby pool enclosure with the child at all times. All children using the wading pool must be closely supervised at all times by a parent, a family member, or a babysitter/nanny who is 13 years old or older.
I. The wading pool is closed during all swim and dive meets, during morning swim team practices and all other times when the pool is not open to the general membership.
J. Floating equipment, including life preservers, is prohibited in the pool area except for authorized float nights. See pool social calendar for scheduled “Float Night”. "Water wings" may be used in the main pool area only when direct adult supervision is available. Rough water games/hard balls are prohibited to ensure the safety of all members and guests. "Super Soaker" and other high-power water guns are not allowed in the pool area.
K. No scooters, bicycles, rollerblading, or skating is permitted inside the pool facility; user is limited to the parking lot for purpose of transportation to and from the pool, not to play or ride around in the parking lot.
L. Members and guests are requested not to converse with lifeguards who are on duty while they are in the lifeguard chair.
M. Persons wishing to swim or dive that are unable to demonstrate to the lifeguard, upon request, their ability to swim 25 meters unassisted & tread water for 1 min will not be permitted in water over their shoulders.
N. All bathers must take a shower before entering the pool.
O. Admission to the pool will be refused to persons wearing bandages or with sores, infectious diseases, nasal or ear discharge, or excessive sunburn.
P. No loitering in the Clubhouse entrance area or restrooms.
Q. No pets shall be allowed on the MHC property.
R. No running is permitted on the pool deck.
S. Smoking is prohibited.


A. No "horseplay" or shoving is permitted on or near the diving boards or on the pool deck area.
B. Only one person may be on the diving board or ladder at any time.
C. Dive only from the end of the board. Do not dive toward the sides of the pool. Swim out of the diving area immediately.
D. Do not dive or jump until the previous diver has cleared the water area and reached the side of the pool.


A. During Saturday morning swim meets, the pool will remain closed until noon or until the meet is concluded. Information on specific dates affecting the pool's operating hours will be posted on the bulletin board and club web site, published in the newsletter, and available by phoning the front desk.
B. For weekday evening swim meets, the pool will close at least one hour prior to the start time (usually closing at 5:00 p.m. for a 6:00 p.m. swim meet) to allow for setup and team warm-ups. The pool will remain closed for the rest of the evening.
C. When home Dive meets are scheduled (Tuesdays during the dive season), the pool will remain open for “quiet swim” — lap swimming. The baby pool will be closed. The diving well and surrounding deck area will be closed and the grounds on both sides of the diving well will be closed for dive meet spectators. Adults are requested to stay with their children during this time to assist them in keeping their voices down. Please be respectful of the divers.


A. Do not affix signs, posters, etc., to any wallpapered or painted surface.
B. Articles of street clothing are not allowed in the pool as swimming attire. Standard swimming apparel is required for persons using the pool facilities. Persons returning to the pool deck area from the grass must wash their feet in the foot showers provided.
C. Food, including candy and soft drinks, are allowed only on the grassy areas, back deck and the upper concrete deck of the Clubhouse. No food or drink is to be consumed in the Clubhouse, nor on the couches or furniture. No chewing gum is allowed at the pool. Members and guests are expected to clean up their own trash.
D. Bicycle riders will use the rack area by the front doors to park and lock their bicycles. No bicycles are allowed in the clubhouse under any circumstances.
E. The cost of any damaged or lost pool property shall be charged to the member, the parent of the child, or the member responsible for the guest who causes the damage or loss.
F. The Mansion House Clubhouse telephone number is (703) 780-6485. This is the number members should use to call the pool. A phone is available at the pool for member use.
G. Several parking spaces have been designated as handicapped parking. A handicapped license or tag is required to park in those spots.
H. Members and guests are not permitted in the lifeguard house, the pump room, behind the front desk, or beyond or underneath the deck overlooking the river.


A. Year-round operations are authorized dependent on weather.
B. Court use is not authorized after 9:00 pm throughout the year.
C. Access to the court is restricted to members and their paid guests.
D. Players must clean up after themselves.

Other times of restricted use will be posted on the pool website.



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