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1.    There are no make-up days for missed classes.

2.    Classes may be canceled with little notice or even during a class due to inclement weather. Those classes are not made up.  However, it is at the discretion of the Tennis Rep and the Head      Coach to determine if a class will be rescheduled when 2 classes in a week are canceled.

3.    Registration must be submitted and paid by check or credit card before the first class that the player attends—cash is not accepted.

4.    Refunds are determined on a case-by case basis, but typically granted for injury or illness. The refund amount is prorated based on the weekly rate—not individual class days—and up to the amount paid.

5.    Children are only supervised during the class while on the tennis courts by the coaches. Adult supervision off-court and before or after classes is not provided.

6.    Coaches are only responsible for instructing on the courts during class, not for registration questions, handling payments or other administrative items.

7.    The MHC Tennis Team is a subset of the MHC youth tennis program. The MHC Tennis Team participates in the Mt Vernon Community Tennis (MVCT) junior league.

a.    Only members in good standing can participate on the MHC Tennis Team.

b.    HP (advanced class) players are automatically considered for a spot on the MHC Tennis Team based on their age and skill level. 

c.     Tennis Team lineup is bracketed into age groups. Some players may play up an age bracket, but can never play down. The lineup is determined by the Head Coach who evaluates the players based on skill and ability.

d.    Some HP players may play in exhibition matches, depending on availability of players in each age bracket.

e.    It is possible for the team to forfeit in an upper age bracket due to an absence of a player and still have players available in the lower age brackets—not all players have the skills or maturity to play beyond their age bracket. Final decision on lineup is made by the Head Coach.

f.     P-II (intermediate class) players can be considered for match play if they notify the tennis rep and Head Coach of their desire to play on the Tennis Team.  The possibility to play in an exhibition/training match or in a league match is dependent on MHC Tennis Team player attendance for a given match, as well as the availability of players from the opposing team. Every effort will be made to accommodate, but it is not always possible.

8.  T-shirts are not mandatory for the tennis program, but are considered the uniform for Tennis Team league match play. T-shirts are an additional cost and are ordered at registration. To ensure receiving a T-shirt, the registration and T-shirt order must be received before the MHC order is placed at the T-shirt vendor (typically 2 weeks prior to the first week of class).

9.   Personalized medals are ordered each year for new participants in the tennis program (at any level). Year pins are given to returning players.

10.  A select number of awards are given at season-end and are at the Head Coach’s discretion.


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